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8 Top Struggles of the Marketing Major

Are you looking for stereotypes of college majors? What are college major stereotypes?  Aside from Education Level and company size, discover some facts about stereotypes about marketers and things about marketing generations and marketing dissertation.

marketing generations

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Marketing Major Stereotypes: Facts about Graduates and Jobs

According to HUBSPOT, having many internships isn’t impressive. Additionally, 89% of recruiters have reported hiring through LinkedIn. Marketing graduates also need to be their case study.  Occupations for marketing graduates include marketing coordinator, public relations specialist, media planner, investment manager and marketing assistant, according to LEARN.org.

Top Challenges for the Mature Marketer and for the Major

There are many challenges for people in marketing generations.  They do not live an easy life. If you’re looking into becoming a marketing expert, see the following from HUBSPOT on the top challenges that marketers are facing now.

  • Generating traffic and leads
  • Providing return on investment for marketing activities
  • Identifying the right technologies for your needs
  • Hiring top talent
  • Getting enough budget
  • Managing a website
  • Making content targeted for an audience
  • Training your team

College Majors Stereotypes

What does your major say about you?  There are certain things you need to know about your major aside from what to expect when you enroll on it.

  • Film: Students often quote about television shows and movies. Students of this major are said to wear scarves and dark clothing very often.
  • Drama and Theater: Students are flamboyant, but they are not rude.
  • Business: Major in the business Industries are born to wear a suit and a tie, or have a tote around their suitcase. They’re a shark in the ocean and they live for group projects.
  • Accounting: Aside from understanding the importance of years of experience, students should also know that they’re stereotyped to be the go-to people for their fellow students.  They also have math as their language, but then no one else could get it.
  • English: Majors love English, period.  They have strong opinions about the Oxford comma and hate it when some think that they only read Shakespeare.

Marketing Generations and How They Are Different

Target Marketing MAG highlights the marketing generations. They’re the following:

  • Baby boomers: People born 1946-1964 were the “first TV generation.” Media content and consumption revolve around it.  They value visual storytelling.
  • Generation X:  People born 1965-1980 were the group that transitioned in their media content, from written to digital.  They still want to remember fond memories.
  • Millennials: People born 1981-2000 were one of the most sought-after marketing group for brand marketers.  Contextual content is what they value, and they love consistent themes.

Typical Stereotypes about Marketers

Marketers are stereotyped as workaholics. People in the advertising, sales, and marketing are considered to not have a work and life balance.   But this is not true.  According to Marketing Cloud, they still live beyond their jobs. Marketing majors have exorbitant lifestyle and drama, as depicted in some dramas, but they don’t.  In fact, many of them can accomplish work and they have self-control.

Are you interested about stereotypes of college majors? Or are you struggling with a marketing dissertation? Let us help!

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