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Fun Facts on Marketing Dissertation Writing

Marketing dissertation is a formal document used to argue or defend a thesis statement. But before writing yours, check out the following fun facts to help you enjoy the process of writing the marketing dissertation. Here are quick fun facts.

marketing fun facts

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Did You Know that…?

  • 91% of adults use social media frequently
  • Movie theaters mark up the price of popcorns at an average of 1275%
  • Over 50 percent of branded emails are opened using a mobile device
  • If customers have positive experience with your brand or company, they’re telling it to 15 other people
  • Number of Mickey Mouse products sold every day total to 5 million
  • Almost 47 percent of marketers say that Facebook is an overrated marketing tool
  • 80% of social media gamers are college degree holders and many of them are more than 40 years old
  • 74% of people owning Smartphone use these for shopping
  • The famous “1984” Apple was directed by Ridley Scott of “Alien” fame
  • Most food shown in advertising is not edible

marketing dissertation writing services

Fascinating Facts about Internet Marketing

  • 85% of people would provide an email for an eBook over a tweet
  • Blogs influence shoppers better than magazines can by 63% higher
  • Companies that blog over 15 times monthly get five times more  traffic than those that blog less

Something You Have Never Heard of Advertising and Social Marketing

  • On the average, marketers are spending over a quarter of their budget for marketing on content marketing
  • The age group between 55 and 64  is the fastest growing on Twitter
  • Food is Pinterest’s most visited topics. It makes 57% of discussions.
  • The average American can spend at least two hours on social media networks

Exciting History of Internet Marketing

  • The first email with an “@” symbol was by Ray Tomilinson in 1971
  • The first ever mass email message was sent to 600 recipients in 1978 for DEC System 2020
  • Facebook homepage was first put up with the face of Al Pacino.

There you have the most interesting and fun facts about marketing dissertation you have to know before writing your paper.

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